About Us


  • Concept to Creation is a pocket friendly jewelry  brand operating from Raleigh NC. Our brand is highly characterized by innovation and fully dedicated to customer satisfaction. All our jewelry  and keychain pieces are intricately and artfully designed, with the aim to set you apart from the crowd in admirable fashion and elegance wherever you go. We also love to create classy and elegant pieces that transcend time, so that they can be passed down to generations. Our pieces are creatively derived from polymer clay, resin and wood. We operate by creating customized or non customized pieces that fit the client's style and taste.


     Our brand was created to cater to the average man or woman with the average income. We ensure that you look stylish and elegant without breaking the bank or creating a dent in your savings. Now you can be chic, modern, and admired wherever you go on a budget. We take great care and great pride in our work, and we are relentless in producing the most refined pieces.


  • Why Choose Us
  • It might be easy to get confused while in search of a good jewelry  brand because of how numerous jewelry  brands are. However if you have a free creative spirit with audacious style and the desire to be outstanding wherever you go, then you should undoubtedly choose our brand. We are all about being creative and bringing a change in customs and beliefs. We don't believe you need to use premium 24k or 18k gold, sterling silver or gold encased within gemstones to look great or feel great. We simply characterize our pieces to reflect our art and embody style and elegance. Our main priority is to specifically design and embody a client's personal style and overall personality. From the incipience, to the end of the artwork, the entire process and the finished product tell a story that is ornate, beautiful and purposeful.

     If you understand the distinction between style and fashion, you are a sucker for classy, elegant and tasteful jewelry  on a budget, then you should become a client with our brand. With us you can be assured of neat, minimalist and eye-catching designs. Our products are fully handcrafted and designed by a dynamic and skilled team who have a flair for professionalism and excellence. Another reason to shop with our brand, is because you can get the most unique, classic and stunning pieces for less than thirty dollars! That's right. Concept to Creation offers topnotch availability at its peak. Our price offers are most definitely unmatched.

    We also have plans to create more sparkly and shiny jewels and decals out of wood. Our company is continuously evolving, to give you the best and the most distinct kind of jewelry  that would last through the ages.


    Give Concept to Creation a chance today, and watch your style transform.